Manufacturing Industry Specialists
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CPA certified
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Manufacturing Industry Specialists
90% Success Rate
CPA certified

We can get you a tangible
return on overpaid sales tax

Time is of the essence, there are statute of limitation
in each state which guide your refund period.

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Helping keep
manufacturing affordable

We will guide, educate, and teach you about any
manufacturing tax incentive programs you are missing out on.

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Keep manufacturing
here in the US

We specialize strictly in manufacturing
tax programs and incentives here in the US.

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There are millions of dollars every year erroneously paid to states for sales tax.  Put a stop to this today and recover your money now!  The state will never return tax paid unless fought for, let us fight for you at OUR own risk (not yours)! Get a quote today!

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Sales and Use tax recovery

Sales tax recovery services of state and local taxes to reduce mistaken payments and enhance bottom lines.

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Training & Education

At MTRS we do not just perform tasks, we educate your designated staff intuitively on the process. 

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Exemption program advisors

There are many exemption programs that exist currently for manufacturers.

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Research and Dev. tax credit

If your company has been involved with an eligible activity, you may be able to claim a R&D tax credit.

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Internal audit

MTRS can, at your request audit your internal records to assure you are receiving the most advantageous tax stand point.

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External state audit management

Our professionals are versatile and in experienced with dealing with state agents and going through audits of every type.

Manufacturing Tax Recovery Services

Tax is a very specialized intrigued field that requires educated and focused professionals, which is why your own accountants may have never brought this up.  We focus on specializing in manufacturing tax to put your company in the most advantageous tax position.
But WAIT, manufacturing is a lot broader than you likely think.  Basically it is the making or producing of ANYTHING. Think, anyone who makes something, mixes products together to result in final product, assembly of products, processing and more!
There is no risk for you and we work on a contingency basis so why not be open and let us do all the work to try to save you money now?

Our Fee

MTRS works on a contingency fee basis. If we are unable to identify Benefits and/or Savings for your company, there is absolutely no fee for our service.



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